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Words in freedom

Behind is a set of words and images behind our inexpressiveness. There are thoughts and moods that arise in the depths of the soul and fail to surface, remaining dormant within us. Our intellect does not warn them, but they exist and when we manage to externalize them they offer us the only acceptable truth.
Concepts and ideas coexist within us that we are hardly able to express fully, with a synthesis of words and expressions.
The multiplicity of thoughts and emotions that stir in our subconscious is such as to lead us to reflections that go beyond the momentary situation and place themselves in a position of criticism of the facts, detached from reality and ascribable to the complexity of our culture.
The set of emotions assimilated in the course of life motivates us to give phenomenal appearances, an interpretation that is independent of them and that must be sought in a deeper analysis of knowledge. Looking beyond what appears is the natural consequence of this condition. Thus thoughts and considerations arise that may seem irrelevant to the specific case, but which fall within a logic of a broader dialectic. Behind is everything that hides behind the mask of our existence.

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