Cinematism of life between reality and imagination



The secret kinematics, the unknown cause that determines the evolution of the acts that build our existence, this fascinating mystery, is the real key to everything, the answer to all the unsolved whys, and cannot be sought in the things that surround us, although all creation speaks of life. We understand only the facts that we are able to explain with scientific rigor and in this way our reason obtains satisfactory answers, thus identifying rationalism with the only possibility of grasping the mysteries of life, at the same time, with this method of investigation, miserably we fail where science does not find answers, while we would like to see beyond the theatrical curtain, beyond reality itself, where the location of facts is detached from physical ties, entering the intimate structure of events, so as to have a knowledge of them based on idealistic elements , regardless of anecdotes and scientific reconstructions. It is this force that animates everything, of everything creator is what we seek, the truth of which, once received the creative inspiration that commands and shapes it, can become reachable, but a deductive research process tending to explain the problem, however, it would be trivial just to conceive it. It is unthinkable that a superior coordinating entity can be abstracted from finite and circumscribed clues. The solution, if there is one, must necessarily lie outside the tactile and defined sensations, or rather it must exist above them, maintaining at most a contact of absolute independence. We cannot feed our thirst for knowledge with logic, which is absolutely not thirst-quenching for our heat, defenseless against the fire of ignorance.
Perhaps we should look outside the traditional schemes of research and study, immersing ourselves in a reality made up of sensations and assumptions that live in us as the result of dreams and actions, as dreams and reality end up merging in our mind, creating moods and passions that consume. the time of our existence. Giving importance to dreams as to reality and abstracting the essence of existence from both, is probably the only way to reach a high degree of knowledge and awareness. After all, Dostoevsky says that the truth is unique and always the same, whether it is lived in reality or received in a dream, and when you have known it, that is!