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David Bailey was born in London in 1938. 
Among the foremost British photographers, he
  learned to shoot by self.  

After his experience in the war in the “Royal Air Force”, he works as an assistant in the photographic studio of  John Frenche .
He was later hired as a fashion photographer for Vogue magazine.
He has also worked extensively as a freelancer and has always been active in glamor.
With Terence Donovan he helped to create the so-called Swinging London of the sixties: a culture based on high fashion and the chic of notoriety.
Both photographers associated with actors, musicians and the royal family and were elevated to the status of celebrities. They were the first photographers to be really famous.
His fame became very great.
Even the director Michelangelo Antonioni was strongly inspired by David for his film “Blow up”, a film that tells the life of a London fashion photographer.
Excellent portrait painter Bailey does not need color to highlight the intensity of his shots among which we can find several celebrities such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Liam and Noel Gallagher, Catherine Deneuve who was his wife until 1972.
Among his models, we remember Jean Shrimpton, perhaps his favorite, nicknamed: Shrimp (shrimp).
As a great innovator of that period, thanks to his images, he was able to document the English reality and its change after the gray post-war years. Precisely because of his contribution to this cultural revolution, Bailey becomes a “document and monument” of this period and of the characters who animated it.
The minimalist shots and black and white are very useful for “enhancing and highlighting the contrast of values in the lightness of the tones”.
Over the years he approaches the world of music, directs commercials and documentaries as well as having published several books.
It is nicknamed: The Lord.

1 David Bailey e la moglie Catherine Deneuve.jpg

David Bailey with wife Catherine Deneuve

7 Catherine Deneuve.jpg

Catherine Deneuve

4 Catherine Deneuve.jpg
16 Catherine Bailey and Angie Hill.jpg

Catherine Bailey and Angie Hill

15 Catherine Bailey.jpg

Catherine Bailey

33 Tim Burton &  Lisa Marie.jpg

Tim Burton &  Lisa Marie

35 Donna con chitarra.jpg

Woman with guitar

22 Jean Shrimpton.jpg

Jean Shrimpton

24b Jean Shipton.jpg
24a Jean Shipton.jpg
29 Penelope Tree.jpg

Penelope Tree



27 John Lennon & Paul Mc Cartney.jpg

John Lennon & Paul Mc Cartney

28 Mick Jagger.jpg

Mick Jagger

Jane Birkin.jpg

Jane Birkin

19 Jack Nicholson.jpg

Jack Nicholson

17 Cecil Beaton  and Nureyev.jpg

Cecil Beaton  and Nureyev

Johnny Depp.jpg

Johnny Depp

Michael Caine.jpg

Michael Caine

25 Joachim Cortez.jpg

Joachim Cortez

32 Salvador Dali'.jpg

Salvador Dali '

Some color shots

51 - Copia.jpg

Santa Rosa Beach - Florida

39 - Copia.jpg



Looking at the sea

81 Grand Canyon.jpg

Grand Canyon


Unusual shipwrecks

84 Uragano Katrina.jpg

Hurricane Katrina