Born in London in 1933, he is a British photographer and director, known for his images of young women.
Growing up in London, his school was cut short by World War II.
As a displaced person, he spent some time in the Dorset countryside, which have inspired his work to this day.
After the war, Hamilton returned to London, finished his studies and then moved to France, where he began to be noted for his artistic skills, working for an architect. In Paris, he worked as a graphic designer for the magazine's Peter Knapp  Elle , of which he became artistic director in the London office.
But Hamilton loved Paris and returned there, starting to take commercial photography.
The dreamy style of his grainy images immediately led him to success.
His works have been requested by other magazines such as  Realities ,  Twen  And  Photo .
By the late 1960s, Hamilton's work had an unmistakable style.
He has made dozens of photographic books, published in millions of copies and five films.
His photographs have appeared in countless magazines and in dozens of exhibitions in the most important museums and galleries.
In December 1977, the same year as the release of his film Bilitis, the New York Picture Gallery exhibited his work.
Hamilton's soft focus style has been enjoyed by many fashion magazines, including  Vogue , Elle and others of a high level.
Hamilton lived with Mona Kristensen, model in many of the photographer's works and protagonist, as a debut actress on the big screen, in the film Bilitis.
Since 2005 its popularity has had a second youth also for the publication of new books, often however opposed by critics, who have glimpsed a veil of pornography in the images of immature women, but despite everything Hamilton's books are always very sold and regularly. sold out in the bookstores that exhibit them.
He lived and worked between St. Tropez and Paris.
Nudo di schiena.jpg
Nudo seduto.jpg
Ragazza che cammina sulla spiaggia.png

Reclining nudes

Nudo reclinato 1.jpg
Nudo reclinato 2.jpg


Ragazza appoggiata al letto.jpg
Letto color.jpg
Nudo di schiena su divano.jpg
Letto bn.jpg

The sisters

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Sorella sul letto.jpg
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Gruppo di ballerine 1.jpg
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Girl at the window



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Girl reading



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Still life