Elliott Erwitt was born on July 26, 1928 in Paris.  















After spending his childhood in Milan until 1938, his family moved back to Paris and then definitively to the United States, first in New York, then in 1941 in Los Angeles.
He studied photography at Los Angeles City College from 1942 to 1944, and film at the New School for Social Research from 1948 to 1950.
His passion for photography manifested itself already in adolescence,
  when he lived in Hollywood.  While studying at the High School  began to work in a professional darkroom. It was 1944.
In 1948 he went to live in New York, and there he has
  Edward Steichen ,  Robert Capa , and  Roy Stryker .
After spending 1949 traveling to France and Italy, Erwitt returned to New York and has
  worked as a professional photographer.
From 1950 to 1952 Erwitt worked as a professional freelance photographer, producing both news and advertising services, for various companies, including Air France and KLM .
Enlisted in the US Army in 1951, he took pictures while stationed in Germany and France.
In 1953, Robert Capa wanted it in the
   Magnum Photos . Elliott will remain a member of this prestigious group and has served as president numerous times since then.
Elliott is rightfully one of the leading personalities in the world of information, his photographic services, his illustrations, and his images created for the world of communication have left their mark on newspapers around the world in the last 50 years.
Elliott, while continuing to be a photographer first and foremost, began making films in 1970.
Starting from the seventies he has been interested in television for some time, shooting commercials and numerous documentaries, among which we mention: Beauty Knows No Pain (1971), Red White and Bluegrass (1973) made with the assistance of American Film Institute, and Glass Makers of Herat (1977) which earned him numerous awards.
Erwitt made 17 comedies and satirical films for Home Box Office.
In 1974 he published the photographic book Son of a Bitch , in which numerous shots of dogs taken in funny poses or situations are collected. Thanks to this kind of photo, Erwitt's work went around the world.
In 1997 Erwitt met
  Biba Giacchetti and since then an extraordinary collaboration has been activated in the communication sector in Italy and when Biba Giacchetti and Giuseppe Ceroni founded Sudest 57  in 2002 Elliott Erwitt was among the first photographers to be part of the new team, to be its constant inspiration, teacher, supporter and great friend.
Over time Elliott Erwitt has created projects with Biba Giacchetti for Lavazza , Marazzi , Unilever , Artemide , Chimento , and many others.
His personal exhibitions are held continuously throughout the world, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York , to the Smithsonian , from the Art Institute of Chicago to the Museum of Modern Art in Paris , from the Kunsthaus in Zurich, to the Photokina in Cologne. .
Many exhibitions from the Personal Exposures book have been exhibited from the United States to Europe to Japan.
Other outstanding exhibits such as To The Dogs , On The Beach , Museum Watching Personal Best are circulating in all countries of the world.
Currently Elliott is busy codifying his immense archive as he continues his editorial and advertising work and this inevitably leads him to travel the world.
He lives between New York and East Hampton.


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1 USA New York 1946.jpg
 USA New York 1946
2 USA  Pittsburgh 1950.jpg
USA  Pittsburgh 1950
3 USA  North Carolina  1950.jpg
Apartheid - USA  North Carolina  1950
4 USA New Jersey -  Fort Dix  1951.jpg
 USA New Jersey -  Fort Dix  1951
5 USA New York  1953.jpg
USA New York  1953
7 GB London -  British Museum 1955.jpg
 GB London -  British Museum 1955
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 USA  Wyoming  1954
9a New York City, 1955, Empire State Bui
New York City, 1955, Empire State Building
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USA  California  1955
10 USA  New York -  Marilyn Monroe 1956.
 USA  New York -  Marilyn Monroe 1956
11 USA New York City - Ricevimento di Gr
 USA New York City - Reception of Grace Kelly and il  Prince Rainier of Monaco at the Waldorf-Astoria 1956
12 MEXICO - Guanajuato  1957.jpg
 MEXICO - Guanajuato  1957
13 MEXICO -  San Miguel de Allende  1957
MEXICO -  San Miguel de Allende  1957
14 USSR -  Moscow - Nikita Khrushev e Ri
USSR -  Moscow - Nikita Khrushev and Richard Nixon 1959
15 USA - Reno - Set del film Gli Spostat
Reno - Set of the film The Misfits 1960
17 USA - Arlington - Jacqueline Kennedy
 USA - Arlington - Jacqueline Kennedy at the funeral of John F. Kennedy 1963
18 CUBA - Havana.  Che Guevara 1964.jpg
CUBA - Havana.  Che Guevara 1964
19 USSR. Moscow. Official trip of the Fr
 USSR. Moscow. Official trip of the French President DE GAULLE 1966
20  GB. ENGLAND -  Brighton  1966.jpg
GB. ENGLAND -  Brighton  1966
21 USA - New Jersey -  Allied Chemical 1
USA - New Jersey -  Allied Chemical 1966
22 RUSSIA - Siberia. Bratsk 1967.jpg
RUSSIA - Siberia. Bratsk 1967
23a RUSSIA - Mosca 1968.jpg
RUSSIA - Moscow 1968
23 USA -  Florida Keys 1968..jpg
USA -  Florida Keys 1968
24 USA - New York - Felix, Gladys and Ro
 USA - New York - Felix, Gladys and Rover 1974
25 FRANCE -  Yvelines -  1975 -  Il cast
 FRANCE -  Yvelines -  1975 -  Versailles castle 1975
26 USA -  New York - Scuola di danza 197
USA -  New York - School of Ballet 1977
27 USA - New York. East Hampton 1983.jpg
USA - New York. East Hampton 1983
28 GB. ENGLAND - Kent  1984.jpg
GB. ENGLAND - Kent  1984
29 USA - New York  - The Metropolitan Mu
USA - New York  - The Metropolitan Museum of Art  1988
30 FRANCE -  Paris  1989.jpg
FRANCE -  Paris  1989
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FRANCE - Paris 1989
33 SPAIN -  Madrid 1995 Prado Museum..jp
SPAIN -  Madrid 1995 Prado Museum
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 USA -  New York 2000
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ARGENTINA - Valdes Peninsula  2001