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Christ in Brooklyn
The last days of Jesus
Christ in Brooklyn is a work of pure fantasy. It wants to express the existential difficulties of two young people who, having no precise social, ethical and moral references, consume their lives entirely in search of pleasure, at any cost.
Mark, one of the protagonists, with the mirage of making money out of it, will be crucified on the top of a building.
The whole city of New York will be involved in the blasphemous event that will inexorably end in tragedy.


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A complicated existence
Political and financial intrigues
In South America, Alvaro Castro's inexplicable suicide takes place. Luis Barranco and Claudia Angelillo, journalists, will discover that Castro is none other than an Italian financier who, having had trouble with the justice system, escaped from Italy with the help of a fixer accustomed to moving in the environment of occult powers of international politics. From the narrative a disconcerting picture of the world political economy emerges and it highlights how great the power of money is.


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Stories and memories

Autobiographical stories with particular regard to female acquaintances, and episodes of the author's youth.


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The dog looking for himself
It tells of Timothy, a little Yorkshire terrier, a very skilled mouse hunter, the best of all dogs.
But Timothy was not satisfied. In this kind of competition he wanted to be the first ever.
Then he began his search for perfection and reached enlightenment.

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Words in freedom
Behind is a set of words and images behind our inexpressiveness. There are thoughts and moods that arise in the depths of the soul and fail to surface, remaining dormant within us. Our intellect does not warn them, but they exist and when we manage to externalize them they offer us the only acceptable truth.
Concepts and ideas coexist within us that we are hardly able to express fully, with a synthesis of words and expressions.
The multiplicity of thoughts and emotions that stir in our subconscious is such as to lead us to reflections that go beyond the momentary situation and place themselves in a position of criticism of the facts, detached from reality and ascribable to the complexity of our culture.
The set of emotions assimilated in the course of life motivates us to give phenomenal appearances, an interpretation that is independent of them and that must be sought in a deeper analysis of knowledge. Looking beyond what appears is the natural consequence of this condition. Thus thoughts and considerations arise that may seem irrelevant to the specific case, but which fall within a logic of a broader dialectic. Behind is everything that hides behind the mask of our existence.

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Operazione Wainscott

In Operazione Wainscott si narrano le vicende di Jonathan Kaplan, giovane miliardario di New York, laureato in economia ad Harvard, playboy, amante della velocità. Pilota il suo jet personale, potenti motoscafi d’altura, ma soprattutto, ottimo skipper, partecipa a regate veliche con il suo Silver Seagull, comandando un equipaggio di sedici uomini. Figlio di sir Edward, banchiere di livello mondiale, diventa anch’egli banchiere. Usando parte dei suoi beni avuti in eredità dalla ricchissima madre, acquista la Merchant Bank, buona banca commerciale, ma non di caratura internazionale.
Volendo crearsi un nome nell’Alta Finanza condurrà spregiudicate operazioni finanziarie, finendo coinvolto, con la correità di un tycoon cinese, in atti illeciti che metteranno a rischio il suo buon nome, la sua incolumità personale e quella del padre.

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100 Shots
100 images to tell something about me
100 emotions of my life
100 indelible memories
100 happy days

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Graphic elaborations
The graphics allow you to depict images with outlines and colors that arise from your imagination. In my case it is identified with the opportunity to paint on a virtual canvas.
The starting point is often a negative, sometimes a photo. In other cases, a simple pencil sketched drawing.
The technique is that of digitizing the modified image through subsequent processing.

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