Born in Paris on November 30, 1933,  son of Polish parents, he began his profession as a photographer as a reporter. Switched to fashion photography, he collaborated with the prestigious magazines of the time.





















In the sixties he moved to New York, where he became more and more popular. He spent a few years in this city and then returned to Paris.
His name is linked to nude photography.
Also in this artistic field, as in the others, Sieff makes a lot of use of the pushed wide-angle lens, which gives a unique and unmistakable imprint to his ironic and never vulgar style and makes the models with more slender shapes.
The soft light that illuminates the face, while the rest of the details lose importance, characterize these images.
Actors, politicians and artists posed for him.
Sieff has been an important reference for many photographers, his particular vision through the wide angle has influenced many artists.
He died in Paris in 2000.

1 Autoritratto.jpg
ccs-1-0-08323100-1359625455_thumb - Copi
Astrid's back - 1964
ccs-1-0-22432600-1359625447_thumb - Copi
Robe d'Yves Saint Laurent - 1970
4 Trasparenza.jpg
3 Corsetto.jpg
5 Mano.jpg
Hands - 1964
6 Mano in lingerie.jpg
7 Derriere.jpg
Fetichisme - 1985
Two women
8 Due donne.jpg
9 Sottoveste.jpg
10 Sposa.jpg
Derriére anglais - 1969
13 Schiena nuda.jpg
Young Swede
12 Schiena seminuda.jpg
Advertisement for lingerie - 1992
15 Sonia Sieff.jpg
But fille Sonia - 1985
ccs-1-0-32700300-1359623312_thumb - Copi
Catherine Deneuve
17 I fumatori.jpg
Chic is ... - 1964
Gainsbourg & Birkin - 1970
16 Ballerine.jpg
20 Charlotte-Rampling.jpg
Charlotte Rampling - 1985
21 Jane-Fonda.jpg
Jane Fonda
22 Visage.jpg
24 Yves Montand.jpg
Yves Montand - 1961
26 Jacque Tati - Copia.jpg
Jacques Tati
31 Cafè.jpg
Cafè de Flor, early in the morning - 1973
25 Jean Luc Godard.jpg
Jean Luc Godard
27 Jaques-Henry Lartigue.jpg
Jacques-Henri Lartigue - 1972
32 Deserto.jpg
Valley of Death - California - 1977
29 Zizi Jeanmaire.jpg
Zizi Jeanmaire
28 Yves-Saint-Laurent.jpg
Yves Saint-Laurent - 1971
Les Nonnes improbables.jpg
The unlikely nuns - 1965