Thought is the faculty of forming mental contents, an act of reason.

With the term thought  different types of mental processes are classified. It is the mnemonic or imaginative faculty or simply the reflection or judgment on facts and episodes belonging to our life, both internal and external to us.

Very often the thought changes into lucubration which is nothing more than a brainy work conducted with patient and meditative commitment, which does not lead to any realization result, too often becoming a simple act of mental onanism, from which, however, profound and enlightening can arise. considerations.

A thought can be very short, or it can take a long time to be elaborated and lead to a complete and defined solution of the cause that triggered it, while the lucubration, by its nature, like a volcanic magma that drags with it whatever it encounters on its I walk, it envelops every idea, every thoughtful point that comes to our mind.

When a thought is elaborated it is like plunging into a lake which, however large it may be, is still limited within certain limits, while when one is prey to a lucubration one plunges into the sea that has no boundaries.

A thought may arise from a precise conjecture, but most of the time it arises from the speculative mush that an intuition causes in our mind. And from this flood our most powerful, most unconscious thoughts take shape, revealing unknown truths to us.

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