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Pete Turner is an American photographer, well known as one of the masters of color photography.

Born May 30, 1934 in Albany, New York, in 1956 he graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, along with classmates  Bruce Davidson  And  Jerry Uelsmann .

He always wanted to be a photographer and studied the craft at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also studied art and was influenced by the work of  René Magritte  And  Yves Tanguy , two 20th century artists who were part of the surrealist group in Europe. In 1981 he was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Achievement in Photography. His photographs are present in the permanent collections of many important museums around the world, in private collections, museums and galleries and he has appeared in all the most important magazines in the United States.
In his career, Pete has done it all: advertising campaigns, editorial illustrations, photo essays, album covers, sporting events and celebrity portraits. In 1986, he published his first monograph, "Pete Turner Photographs", in 2001 his second book, "Pete Turner African Journey", in 2006 "The Color of Jazz", a complete collection of covers for jazz records. Use Nikon cameras. The prestigious Japanese house defined it: Nikon legend Behind the Lens . Throughout his career, color has been a constant. Pete Turner's image is built on saturated and dense color. “Color is what attracts me to a scene,” he says, “but besides the color there has to be the content as well. Content is often hard to find when working with bold colors and graphics, so we tend to rely on color. If you are in trouble searching for the content, rely on color and it will lead you on the right path. " Turner for his elaborations makes use of Photoshop that defines it "the darkroom of today", and uses it as a tool for retouching and color control in his images, but he only works with color levels,
  hue and saturation, not with composite filters or effects.

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Balloons in wind - 1957

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Central park - 1957

P.T. (6).jpg

Little girl in Central park - 1957

P.T. (5).jpg

Balloons and NYC - 1957

P.T. (8).jpg

Times square - 1958

P.T. (7).jpg

The quiet american - 1958

P.T. (9).jpg

Ibiza woman - 1961

P.T. (10).jpg

Singapore man - 1963

P.T. (12).jpg

Giraffe - 1964

P.T. (13).jpg

Boat wake - 1966

P.T. (14).jpg

Hot lips - 1966

P.T. (15).jpg

Road song - 1967

P.T. (16).jpg

Old age - 1968

P.T. (19).jpg

Cigar earring - 1970

P.T. (18).jpg

Cannonball - 1970

P.T. (20).jpg

Pineapple can earring - 1970

P.T. (21).jpg

Wired - 1970

P.T. (22).jpg

Push - 1970

P.T. (23).jpg

Cheetah - 1970

P.T. (24).jpg

New dawn  Heimeay - Iceland -1973

P.T. (25).jpg

Feeling high - 1970

P.T. (26).jpg

Zip - 1973

P.T. (27).jpg

Texascape - 1974

P.T. (28).jpg

Truck stop - 1974

P.T. (29).jpg

Fliyng women - 1976

P.T. (32).jpg

Las Vegas shoe - 1995


Sand dune and tree - 1995

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Orange wall and wave - 2001

P.T. (34).jpg

Blue wall and light - 2002

P.T. (35).jpg

Yellow stairway - 2002

P.T. (36).jpg

Garage wall - 2002

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Don Sebesky / Giant box