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Seagulls - Photograph by the author

I loved My time is running out and now I have little left, to relive at least once, the happy moments of the past that there have been so many, because I loved life immensely. I loved being late at night, wandering through the deserted streets of the city among its dim lights, accompanied by subdued nocturnal noises. I loved spending sleepless nights over books, from which I learned the difficult art of living. I loved meditating on a white sheet that, slowly, I filled with words rising from the far reaches of the spirit. I loved art, and many times, in front of a painting, I felt the extraordinary sense of beauty and the miracle of creation. I loved the music, and with its melodies I traveled in the depths of the soul, in distant worlds where everything is perfect. I loved the speed, and I am intoxicated with it, while the heart, like a hammer, it pounded hard in the chest. I loved my camera, with whom I have traveled the world, portraying landscapes and people that still today wink in the eyes of memory. I loved hashish, that has revealed the intimate essence of things, and with creation empathized me. I loved whiskey, brother in difficult times, who renewed hope, pushing the darkest thoughts back into oblivion. I loved dogs, my beloved dogs that so much love they gave me, without ever asking for anything. I loved the sun, that burns the skin, warms the heart, and illuminates the world with God's grace. I loved the rain, flowing fresh on the face, and its magnificent storms that, in a moment, they remember how helpless and weak we are. I loved the sea, its perfume and baths at dawn in its cold water that makes you feel alive. I loved the mountains, its woods, its silent paths, the gentle rustle of tree leaves and the white mantle of snow. I loved the sky, its blues furrowed by the black of agile wings and the clouds of cotton wool. I loved friendship, the comforting words of a friend and his laughter in moments of joy and happiness. And especially, I loved my wife so much, and one life was not enough to tell her how much I really loved her and how beautiful it has made my existence. All this and more I have loved, but slowly everything, to the washing power of time, is fading. Only an unbroken love resists and will remain so until the end, the one for my daughters, that time will never erase and that's enough for me, to be happy again.

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