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Jared Joslin is an American painter born in 1970 in Fort Collins in Colorado (USA). He has had excellent critical and public acclaim since the beginning of his career. Numerous are his paintings present in private galleries. His style has been defined surrealist-figurative, but I would be more inclined to define it simply as realist, since in his painting there are no references to surrealism as it is universally understood, let alone in his paintings there are contributions of surrealistic elements. In his way of painting, on the other hand, there are evident references to the Art Deco 'of the early twentieth century, a predilection for the subjects widely depicted by Tamara de Lempicka, even if less redundant, and echoes of Christian Schad's German realism.

Green Gloves of 2008 is one of his most interesting and beautiful works. The artist intended to portray the model in an attitude full of melancholy and detachment from reality with a gaze lost in the void, absorbed in thoughts that refer to the past. The color scheme is simple and is divided between black and yellow-gold, against which the green of the gloves stands out, the protagonists of the scene. The work is very refined and dreamy and uses an iconographic minimalism that makes it more incisive in its essentiality.

Green gloves - Painting by Jared Joslin - Oil on board - 61 x 51 cm - Year 2008

Seven years later Joslin shot the subject with the same model, the same melancholy expression and the same compositional architecture, but he introduced background elements, immersing the subject in a more tangible reality. He also replaced red for green, highlighted the headdress, typical of the 1920s, added a pendant earring and turned on the fur color more, giving the whole a more engaging chromatism. Green Gloves is a beautiful work, Red Gloves is beautiful.

Red gloves - Painting by Jared Joslin - Oil on canvas - cm. 122 x 91.5 - Year 2015

In Tanzerin it is clear how in his style there are references to Art Deco 'and to the painting of Tamara de Lempicka.

Tanzerin - Painting by Jared Joslin - Oil on canvas - cm. 66 x 56

Finally, the reference to the painting of the German realist Christian Schad is also undeniable, to the point that on the web this painting is attributed by some to Schad himself, with the title of Girl with the Crow.

Clara - Painting by Jared Joslin - Oil on canvas - Year 2015

We are led to believe that the work is by Jared Joslin, firstly because there is no trace of this painting among Schad's cataloged works, and secondly because even if there is no information or techniques or ownership of the painting, however, there is a dating, which means that the work has been cataloged in some way, and since it is 2015 (for some of 2018) it cannot be by Schad. Perhaps it is the presence of the rose that deceives because Schad, in many of his paintings, adorns the dresses of the models with a flower, while Joslin never does.

Maika - Painting by Christian Schad - Oil on wood - cm. 65 x 53 - Year 1929

Sonja - Painting by Christian Schad - Oil on canvas - cm. 90 x 60 - Year 1928

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