The travelers


The Travelers, Bruno Catalano's sculptures depict people moving through the world, nomads, which is why they always have a baggage. The artistic language is inspired by great sculptors such as Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel, Alberto Giacometti, but Catalano adds a compositional element: the empty space. Catalano was a sailor who for thirty years traveled the world and finally in 1990 he elected Marseille as his final residence, where he began his activity as a sculptor, recreating his own journey through life with his compositions, instilling hope in it, dreams, illusions, sensations that mark the existence of all of us.

The travelers - Bronze sculpture by Bruno Catalano

The movements of the Travelers are not ambulations from one place to another, they are rather journeys, often with no return, because these are the real journeys, as Guido Piovene says in his magnificent book The cold stars, made perhaps chasing the hope of a different future, improve. They are conceived in the most absolute essentiality: the head that marks the goal of the journey, the legs as a means of locomotion and finally the inevitable baggage, where the ectoplasms of a past life are stored, spent in search of one's own individuality, of a belonging to the human race.

The travelers - Bronze sculpture by Bruno Catalano

The gaze of the figures is always lost in the distance, as if only escaping from an unacceptable reality is the only possible answer to the many unsolved questions. The parts that make up the work, first modeled in clay, are later cast in bronze, and joined together with welding and colored with dyed patinas.

The travellers - Bronze sculptural group by Bruno Catalano

Les Voyageurs are located in places of transit: ports, squares, airports, public parks, roads. They are present in important private and public collections and are exhibited in Europe, Asia and the United States.

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