Manhattan 1964


Manhattan - Etching by Salvador Dalì - 1964

Manhattan 1964, etching by Salvador Dalì in sienna and black. It is a tribute to the city of New York which is interpreted by the Maestro in its most intrinsic consistency.

View of Manhattan

From the drawing, everything that does not belong to the collective imagination is excluded and conceptually represented. The long-limbed course of the peninsula is symbolically indicated in the two groups of parallel lines, converging upwards; the surrounding land is identified in a desolate land that takes on the spherical aspect of the earth's surface, rippled here and there by the waves of the sea. Dalì in this work means the particular nature of this strange city, whose beauty, as Milan Kundera said, is unintentional. A city that arose without intention on the part of man, similar to a cave of stalagmites, in which ugly forms are found by chance without a precise design plan, in such incredible environments, that suddenly they shine with a magical poetry. In 1964, Dali published his Diary of a Genius.

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