Red in Expressionism and lyrical abstract art



The use of red in figurative art takes on profoundly different meanings and values ​​depending on the pictorial style to which it refers. For this we will use two great masters as models, leading exponents of Expressionism and lyrical abstractionism: Munch and Kandinskij. The artist's main intellectual characteristic is sensitivity, which makes him available to every sensation and receptive to every new experience. The air he breathes is imbued with scents that, reaching the psyche, cause changes and involvements on his soul. The desire to participate in the world, the artist's eternal interlocutor, becomes obsessive and then the language is enriched with new lexicons, because "every great artist has a sense of provocation within him" (Arthur Cravan). If Kandinsky had loved the canonicity of the situations and the formality of the circumstances, he would have been a lawyer; but when the Aesthetics is no longer seduced by the story, where the conceptual represents the only possible narrative mannerism, this is where the true Kandinskian lyric begins, clearly preceding Expressionism, positive and realist matrix of the objective everyday reality, too narrow and axiomatic. The great Munch, who managed to make the color scream, was overwhelmed by the rawness of reality, perhaps because he believed it too much, and never found peace. After all, the black angels of his existence were respectability and temptation, and the Norwegian painter, conditioned by sin, at sunset on Cristiania saw the clouds stained with red, the red of human blood, of the sufferings of the world that contaminated by sin, only in the darkness does it rest for its troubles, a red that is therefore static, tomb-like. While in the Russian painter's paintings, the complete deformation of the contingent elements abstracts the artist from the full-bodied world where sin is born and thrives, immersing it in a sterilized plasma, in which the Evil One cannot nest, and red it means a state of excitement at the peak which with its ardor triggers a dynamism that leads to the green of purgation until reaching peace of mind and Nirvana in the quiet blue.

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