The glamour of Terry Rodgers


Terry Rodgers is an American artist, born in 1947 in Newark New Jersey. He studied fine arts, graduating from Amherst College in Massachusetts in 1969. He is a realist known for his works on the contemporary youth world. Always interested in photography and cinema, his art has developed on a realistic basis, with a predilection for glamour, and an iconographic taste that approaches the decadent model of Dandyism, with characters perennially decorated with necklaces, bracelets, chains , cordons, with an obsessive taste for artifice and copiousness bordering on kitsch, as they could be described by Huysmans in his À rebours.

Bending the cosmos - Painting by Terry Rodgers - Year 2014 - Oil on linen canvas - cm. 214 x 305.

The artist's paintings while they tell of personal relationships, in environments lit with soft lights and intense colors,

The sacrificial penumbra - Painting by Terry Rodgers - Year 2010 - Oil on linen canvas - cm. 173 x 183

evoking a vision of the private nightlife of rich young people in America, they speak of the problem of social interrelation, which is produced in actions to which consequential moods do not correspond, highlighting an evident dissonance between appearing and 'to be.

Resting on her laurels - Painting by Terry Rodgers - Year 2006 - Oil on linen canvas - cm.173 x 183

The bodies that touch and intertwine in representations that border on the image of orgies, do not provoke attitudes of complicity and interest in the looks of the participants. There is no decision, no conviction in the actors, in what they are doing. It seems to be watching a play in which each, in his own way, plays his part without emotional involvement. There is detachment, indifference, boredom and above all the psychic distance in physical proximity is highlighted.

The palace of automorphic delights - Painting by Terry Rodgers - Year 2007 - Oil on linen canvas - cm. 213 x 320

His narrative of a life of leisure is actually a representation of the tensions and confusions endemic to contemporary society. The seductive glamour of the outside world collides with the vulnerability and delicacy of our deepest and most personal intimate. Although Rodgers is considered above all a painter, his artistic production also winds through classical photography,

Alexie - Photograph by Terry Rodgers - Year 2013 - Print on baryta paper - cm. 97 x 122

reworked photographs with splashes and splashes of color,

The deposition (Triptych) - Photographs by Terry Rodgers - Year 2010 - Print on lightbox - cm. 142 x 236

Lulu and the Devil - Photograph by Terry Rodgers - Year 2010 - Print on lightbox - cm. 84 x 56

e opere astratte,

Heaven can wait - Abstract work by Terry Rodgers - Year 2017 - Archival print - cm. 89 x 178

His works are exhibited in important museums in the United States and abroad.

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