To grow up


The Three Ages of Woman - Painting by Gustav Klimt

In the course of existence there are important moments that represent milestones in the journey of life, often not perceived by the soul, but which await profound modifications of our intellect and determine very specific phases of our life. When we are young we dream and the dream accompanies us for many years, creating optimistic visions full of every possibility. We entrust our future to these visions and we nourish ourselves with them every day, believing them to be absolutely achievable. We do not see any difficulties in implementing them, nor is our certainty of being able to carry them out. We feel omnipotent and we think the world must bend and genuflect at our feet, at our will. A will of omnipotence dominates us and the slightest doubt about the realization of our dreams does not even touch us. We are sure of ourselves and with this certainty we take turns on the path of our future. The teachings of those who, older and more experienced than us, scold us about the difficulties we will encounter in making our dreams come true are worthless. We do not care what we are told, nor do we believe in the difficulties that are told to us. We are confident, arrogant and overbearing. We are fearless and strong-willed. We feel too strong compared to these people who we consider weak by showing us obstacles that represent only the inability of those who preceded us. We do not! We are not incapable. We are good.

We have understood everything and the chatter of others who have failed does not interest us. We are concrete and pragmatic. We know how to manage our life and nothing scares us. Blessed youth! It was nice to experience it and drink it in one gulp, as if it were Coca Cola. And as we swallowed it we felt refreshed by the heat of life, not taking into account that we were drawing from a small bottle that would soon be empty, while we were crossing a desert of millions of square kilometers and we would have been forced to modify, reduce our expectations. and when this happened we had now reached the end of our youth but, still handsome and perennially invested with our virtual immortality, we walked towards maturity, but slowly, softly, some dreams were replaced by nightmares that at night often prevented us from sleeping, because the desired goal seemed further away, much further away than we had thought. We had grown up and our small, infantile and blissful baby dreams evaporated, sacrificed themselves to the difficulties of life that forcefully knocked on the doors of contingency. Contingency! Trivial word that evokes needs, difficulties and pain. We became aware of this new condition of thought and began to glimpse, in the range of possibilities, more difficulties than we could have imagined.

We stopped for a moment to reflect on this new condition and we realized how crudely real it was, and in a short time illusions and dreams vanished and we no longer looked ahead at us with the eyes of trust. The marvelous possibility of the unattainable was extinguished in us and we had to begin to confront the grim and vile reality that no longer had in itself the certainties of a magnificent and bright future. The fireworks that initially lit up our nights were replaced by dim candles which, in their flickering light, showed us an arduous and dangerous path, in which we were entering. We had become men!

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