Photographer of South African origin was born in Johannesburg on 11 November 1926.

In 1947 he moved to London, where he attended a photography school.

In 1950 he returned to Johannesburg and opened a photographic studio, working in the field of advertising.

He returned to London in 1968 where, a few years later, he opened a new photographic studio.

Well known for nude photography to which he has given a considerable contribution, he was also famous for his pre-Photoshop elaborations.  

In the female nude you can see the careful and accurate professionalism of the still life photographer.

He is also an excellent draftsman and often inserts drawings in his shots (Cowboy Kate).

A great lover of fashion styling, from 2000 to 2005 he focused on fashion photography for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Allure and New York.

Haskins closely follows the changing of fashions and new trends, so much so that he writes: “the satisfaction of the public must be the main stimulus that inspires any artist”.

In 2006 he publishes a new one  Cowboy Kate edition, with some additional images.

Gorgeous are her black and white nudes of the heroines of "Cowboy Kate", with  grainy details, intense contrasts, bold cuts and a very high level layout. His photomontages are perfect.

He died in 2009, while preparing his latest work, Fashion Etcetera, for the edition.
Throughout his career, he has used cameras of all kinds, but he has always had a particular fondness for the Asahi Pentax, both in 35mmm and 6x7 format

Sam-Shooting-Chelsea-1970 (1).jpg

Sam Haskins  in his Chelsea studio


With a Pentax 35 mm  and a Pentax  6x7

He also used the optical bench a lot
 Among his beloved machines

With  Big Bertha  its large optical bench or

1a Autoritratto.jpg
Self-portrait in studio with model
In recent years, he has also made use of digital cameras.

In a photo of his son Ludwig, behind a digital Hasselblad for a Harper's Bazaar shoot
He made the following photo books:
Five girls (1962);
Cowboy Kate and othet stories (1964);
November girl (1967;
African Image (1967);
Haskin Posters (1972);
Photo graphics (1980),
Sam Haskins in Bologna (1984);
Cowboy Kate (Director Cut) (2006) - New edition digitally remastered by Haskins,
with the addition of writings and 16 pages of new photographs.
Fashion Etcetera by Sam Haskins (2009).

B. &  W
36 Gill.jpg
37 Gill 1.jpg
39 Gill Profilo.jpg
Copia di 38 Gill 2.jpg
40b Tea party.jpg
   Tea party
Copia di 40  A coffee shop regular.jpg
41  Caff_ all'alba.jpg
Coffee at dawn
42 Emma-Balfour 1.jpg
Emma Balfour
43 Emma-Balfour 2.jpg
45 N.Kidman.jpg
Nicole Kidman
44 Modella svedese.jpg
Swedish model
This small set of photographs is the only one with a clear erotic streak that Haskins has ever produced.
The models are husband and wife and they too are the only couple that Haskins has dedicated himself to in his work.
It is Haskins' third major work. Made in 1967. It is the ode to a love cut short by death. A woman mourns her dead man. She, like an angel, will fly over the church, will look for her lover in the clouds, waiting for the month of November, the month of the dead, when he will return to her. The suffering of the woman is narrated in her gaze and in her actions.
November girl - primo piano  2.jpg
31 Novenber girl - Ritratto.jpg
Violent dream
November girl - profilo.jpg
Dreamy girl
Raincoat 1.jpg
Summer dreams
46 November girl 1.jpg
Spirit lifted up
Cow-boy Kate (2).jpg

It is the best known and most beautiful photographic book by Sam Haskins. One of the few great photo books of all time, backed by technically perfect photography. Cowboy Kate & Other Stories  it is at the same time a hymn to the beauty of women and to her cleaner and more elegant sensuality.

The book was created in the 60s, when photography was entrusted to absolute and total professionalism, not enslaved by automatisms and even less by the use of digital devices.

The images were obtained by making the most of the development solutions and the printing papers, in order to obtain beautiful "grainy" and incredible contrasts, which made Sam Haskins legendary.

The exaggerated overexposures, together with the contrasts, at the limit of the gray scale, give the subjects such sharp and defined outlines, as to seem that they have been drawn with the laser and inside these pure and unreal lines there is Kate with her soft curves and sexy, full of erotic sweetness.

With Cowboy Kate & Other Stories, which was considered the first creative black and white book of the twentieth century, where the expressive possibility of black and white and film grain was explored, in 1964 Haskins won the Nadar award.

Kate is a magnificent gunslinger, struggling with the world of the far west, represented by saloons, tin stars, can-can dancers and above all pistols with the inevitable belts.
When Sergio Leone designed the triology "For a Fistful of Dollars", "For a Few Dollars More", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" in 1964, he always had a copy of Cowboy Kate with him.

Cow-boy Kate (16).jpg
Kate was a beautiful girl, white as flowers, warm as sunlight, wild as whiskey,
Cow-boy Kate (5).jpg
swinging like a lamp hanging from the ceiling. 
Cow-boy Kate (31).jpg
He was a cowboy, the kind of cowboy that all of the Old West dreamed of. He spent the day cleaning the gun, polishing its rattling spurs 
Cow-boy Kate (37).jpg
and he was sunbathing. Every night when the moon appeared, she dropped her playthings and was ready for action.
At night, he got on his big bicycle and high in the saddle, with long legs, he galloped, towards the lights of the noisy saloon, 
Cow-boy Kate (24).jpg

where the men drink, play poker and duel and the dancers dance, while the whiskey flows freely.
Cow-boy Kate (10).jpg
and Kate on a dark blue night, walked straight into the dark back saloon for a card game with Rosie.
Cow-boy Kate (25).jpg
We played poker, but Rosie was cheating, she had a hidden ace. 
There was a strong exchange of words between Rosie and Kate. Rosie prepared to shoot
Cow-boy Kate (21).jpg
Kate did the same,
Cow-boy Kate (19).jpg
when a gunshot created a sudden silence ...
Cow-boy Kate (23).jpg
Cow-boy Kate (32).jpg

The sheriff ran over and arrested Kate

Cow-boy Kate (13).jpg
And Kate, one of the most honest girls in the West, was taken and locked in a cell, without her boots, waiting to be judged.
Copia di Cow-boy Kate (27).jpg
11 Domenica.jpg
The Apprentice
The rocking chair.jpg
Rocking chair
Godfry David calendario anni '70.jpg
70s calendar
Senza titolo 1967.jpg
Without title
Lindy e il suo grande cappello.jpg
Lindy's big hat
Love the planet.jpg
Love the planet
Giant Apples
Gaud_'s casa Battl_ 1991.jpeg
Gaudi's Casa Battlò
The Magritte room 1980.jpeg
The Magritte room
Autumn Apple Harvest.jpg
Autumn apple harvest
The Lennon portrait 1971.jpeg
The Lennon portrait
Caribbean dancer
Calendario 1975 - Copia.jpeg
1975 calendar
Brazilian dancer
Girl with fish