Some mornings I wake up pervaded by an annoying feeling, which I don't know well whether it is apprehension or uncertainty, or perhaps both.  

However, it is a form of panic that assails me, because in my daily agenda there are various commitments, which must be fulfilled and their quantity upsets me, fearing a probable lack of time to complete everything.
So I leave the house early and start the day from the first of the commitments, which one after the other, the rest follow, until I reach the end of my daily chores and often, I'm just in the middle of the morning.
I did everything that was on the schedule. 
At this point I feel calm and I notice that time is not lacking, indeed it has advanced and then the words of
Seneca come to mind, who in his De brevitate vitae asserts that the time we are given to live is not absolutely short, on the contrary, it is too abundant for what we manage to conclude in earthly existence and it seems that we have little of it, only because we waste most of it. And if it is true that it is disrespectful not to appreciate a gift that is given to us, being in this case of time, which is then life itself, wasting it is an act of irreverence towards God, who has granted us this splendid gift. It is perhaps the most serious of failings towards the Creator, the most blasphemous of blasphemies.

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