I'm Belisario Righi, the administrator of the Books & Art blog.

I graduated in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin, which I arrived after having completed my high school diploma at the classical high school of the Collegio della Badia Fiesolana in Florence, where I was lucky enough to have eminent teachers, who with their professionalism and great knowledge of the subjects of teaching, they instilled in me the love for literature and art.

I remember with great affection and esteem the Professor of Italian and History of Art Dr. Alberto Busignani , the Professor of Latin and Greek Dr. Giovanni Semerano .  

On the teachings of these illustrious men I founded my modest erudition, and today I am happy to be able to abstract from it what I need to write articles, reviews and photographs, yes even photographs, because photography, too, is a form of writing. , the writing of light.